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a. Regular attendance is insisted upon .No student should absent him self \ her self from class with out sufficient reason and prior permission

b. reasons for the absence must be clearly stated in the leave letter or leave record in the dairy.

c. in case of serious illness the principal must be informed within 5 days with a doctor cerficate accompanied by the leave application from the parent or guardian.

d. student who do not get 80% attendance of the year are liable to the detained or be advised to leave the school.

Academic year

School year begins in may or June and ends in march or april the whole session is divided into 2 terms i.e., may or June to October and November to march or april. January to march in order to have proper and systematic working and to give a balance to the syllabus.

Fee payment

Fee must be paid at the school office from 9:30 am to 4:30pmm during all working days.

First installment before 20 th may 2020.

Second installment on or before 30 th September 2020

Fees paid after due date will incur with a fine amount.


Transfer certificate will be issued only when the parent or guardian applies for it in the prescribed form after all the dues have been cleared in the office. The application should be given before march 31 st .

If the head of the institution finds any student’s performance unsatisfactory and orders withdrawal of such student, it is obligatory on the part of the parent or guardian to withdraw the student.


a. Refinement of manners , habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required at all the time .

b. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings . As a precautionary measures ,it is suggested that they have their names inscribed on articles like Tiffin carriers,umbrellas ,school bag, shoes, pencil box and pencils .

c. It is not advisable for the students to wear gold ornaments or to bring other valuable articles to the school. The school will not responsible for the loss of such a articles of students.

Parental Co-operation

a. The active co – operation of the parent with the school is an essential pre – requisite for the welfare of the students. They should encourage children to participate in all the activities and School functions .

b. Parents must attend the open house meeting to get an update on their child’s academic progress and conduct. Parents are not allowed to enter the class room during teaching hours . Parents can meet the class teachers on Saturday or during lunch hour (12.45 to 1.15p.m) with the prior appointment . Also ,parents can communicate with the class dairy.

c. Phone calls to teacher can not be made during class hours. You can leave message at the office.

d. Any change in address or telephone number must be intimated to the school . for any queries kindly contact only the office .

About us –

A School is compulsory on all School days and at school functions students can come in casual or colour dress only on their birthdays. It is the duty of the parents to see that students come to school neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform.

  • Regular uniform: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (two plates with black tape for girls )
  • Track suit Wednesday and Saturday (two plates with white tape for girls )
  • Girls from grade 5 th to 7 th should wear black leggings.


The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the ICSE Board New Delhi. The medium of instruction is English and offer the following subjects.

  • Languages offered: English, kannada and Hindi.
  • Core Subjects: Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
  • Co-Curricular Subjects: Physical Education, Computer Science, Art and Craft and music.
  • Optional papers for IX and X standard: Physical Education and Computer Science.