Principal Message


Dear student’s and staff and Parent’s,

Dear student’s and staff and Parent’s As a proud principal of this wonderful school I enterd a warm welcome to Swamy Vivekananda School ICSE KA315 It is a privilege for me to work with our students ,our staff and our parents. Our school Swamy Vivekananda School ICSE KA315 strive to create a supportive ,cultured and patriotic environment where all students are encouraged to explore their potential to the maximum , we try to inspire them to develop as a good citizen with a broad vision .

We belive that teachers are here to create opportunities for students to collaborate in problem solving and application of knowledge in real life collaborate with co - teachers to share ,discuss about students performance ,strategies assessment that inculcate 21centuryes skills .

We belive that a success full student will be able to communicate fluently in both written and aural medium . He\ She must have creative thinking skills, empathy patriotism . They must contribute to local and global community . We hope that through co-operation we can develop our students into a strong independent Citizen of India. I wish you all a wonderful experience in our school.

Principal, ICSE School