Self confidence and good leadership quality is the utmost important qualities a human should have in this century. To build these characters along with few other skills the entire students of our school is divided into 4 groups commonly known as houses. To scaffold the students the entire set of teachers are also segregated into 4 houses.

Each 4 houses have their own teacher captain, student captain, motto and a vision to move forward with better results in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Even 4 houses have their own colour flag and uniform dress code.

Many academic, cultural and sport’s activities will be done between the houses which provide a healthy environment to the children to improve their cognitive and psycho-motor skill also this will inculcate the team spirit in students and help to uphold the team members in all the areas for the holistic development of the children.

Sl.No Name of the house Motto Vision Colour Logo
1 The Chalukyas Determination and duty with discipline To empower willingness to make responsible decisions Blue
2 The Rashtrakutas Dream big, achieve bigger Team work divides the task and multiples the success Yellow
3 The Kadambas Together we make a difference Team above all, and above all a team Green
4 The Hoysalas Striving towards excellence Lead with character, serve with talents Red