S V R E S - Management

SVREMHS follows a well-balanced and clearly defined governance structure and the management of the school forms the framework and laws that serve as guidelines to manage the administrative operations of the school.

Name Designation
Shri V Gopal Reddy President
Shri Dr. K Ramachandra Reddy Vice-President
Shri T. Ramaswamy Reddy Secretary
Shri V. Venkatesh Treasurer
Shri K.R. Nagaraj Reddy Joint-Secretary
Shri T. Sunka Reddy Member
Shri N. Narayana Reddy Member
Shri Y. Gopal Reddy Member
Shri T. Srinivas Murthy Member
Shri C. Gopal Reddy Member
Shri M. Satyanarayana Rao Member
Shri M. Govinda Raju Member
Dr. T. Yella Reddy Member
Shri V.S. Mani Member
Shri B.N. Venkatesh Member
Shri V. Srinivas Reddy Member
Dr. P. Venkataswamy Reddy Member
Shri B.V. Ravishankar Member
Shri B.S. Karthik Member
Shri R.V. Roopesh Member
Shri S. Ravi Member
Shri VijayKumar Member
Shri P. Chethan Member

School Sub-committee

Name Designation
Shri S Ravi President
Shri. K R Nagaraj Reddy Convener
Shri B N Venkatesh Member
Shri Vijay Kumar Member