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  • Abhilash B.R, II Year B.Com Selected for Bangalore University Kho-Kho team

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  • The Equal Opportunity Cell, SVRFGC was created by a mandate of the UGC specifying the need of a functionary within the university set up which would facilitate affirmative action in order to ensure equal opportunity for all within its folds.

    The Equal Opportunity Cell primarily orients its activities around training and development programs for the students which provide them with supplementary academic support in the form of remedial coaching. Furthermore, the Cell conducts sensitization and awareness programmes on a wide array of subjects ranging from Gender Issues, Human Rights, and Inclusion of Marginalized Groups to Peace and Conflict.

    The objectives of the Cell are:

    • To create an atmosphere of Equal Opportunity through awareness generation programmes.
    • To provide auxiliary support towards skill development and enhancing employability of students.
    • To tailor development and sensitization programmes to meet the distinct needs of the students.

    College reopnes on 14th Decm 2015

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